Welcome to Zeitgeist Vancouver, a local chapter of the global Zeitgeist Movement. Based on principles of environmental alignment and use of the scientific method applied toward social and environmental concern, we  advocate for a socially just, sustainable and peaceful way of life. Zeitgeist Vancouver hopes you will join us in the movement and be the change you want to see in the world. Join us at the Vancouver Art Gallery every other weekend. Visit www.thezeitgeistmovement.com for more information on the Movement's tenets and advocacy initiatives.

Let's come together and create a new collective awareness.

ZEITGEIST VANCOUVER has been a very active visual force throughout the local community. Taking advantage of many local events and festivals throughout the city, as well as our weekly "Town Hall" street event at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Zeitgeist Vancouver creates many great opportunities to engage a very receptive public.

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VANCOUVER 2013 was an extremely busy year for Zeitgeist Vancouver with many successes, new experiences and collaborations which sought to bring the Movement to new audiences.

Zeitgeist Vancouver had yet another productive year in 2013. Highlights included a virtual online ZDay video with local coordinators Matt Berkowitz, Rachel Yapp, and Brent Kyle, and special guest Dr. Gabor Mate! The video was a hit with the online community.

Later on, Zeitgeist Vancouver coordinator Matt Berkowitz participated in a debate with anarcho-capitalist Victor Pross. The event turned out to be a big success both locally and online, with the event video generating over 10,000 views across various uploads.

The last major significant event was a joint event with renowned author, educator and public speaker Alfie Kohn, an event by Zeitgeist Vancouver at Churchill Secondary. Over 150 people turned out for this great event titled "Education & Competition". Matt Berkowitz once again gave introduction and concluding speeches, with the keynote given by Alfie Kohn. Yet another wonderful collaboration event for the local chapter.

At our 5th Annual Car Free Festival more than 30,000 came out and enjoyed a great day of sunshine and car-free streets. We look very forward to participating in this great event next year!

Since our inception as a local community chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement the Vancouver Art Gallery has been our Z home base! Our gallery presence is one of the best moments for the Vancouver Zeitgeist team. We have been in front of the Art Gallery non-stop throughout the past few years. Every weekend our presence has been met with very enthusiastic response. Many great conversations have taken place and many thousands of Zeitgeist DVD's have been given out. We constantly see new faces to the Z Vancouver team out each week and the street presence continues to grow!

We will continue to take every opportunity to set up our Z-booth at the Vancouver Art Gallery throughout 2014. For all our event details please check out our Upcoming Events section for further details.